Welcome! We’re glad you made it to our site. Take a browse around, you may find we aren’t like other marketing and PR firms. The new wave of SEO engineers and specialists are here – and we call ourselves Content Management Specialists. You’re here because you need, or are curious about copywriting and marketing. Good news! We’re here to tell you all about it. No matter how big or small the task, UnEarthed Creative is happy to lend a hand. Our Blog is even full of great tips on how to copywrite yourself if you were so inclined, how many other companies out there tell you how to do the job they are trying to sell to you? For a great inside view as to why we are happy to help, read our terrific article

“What in the Great Name of Google are you Thinking? | Giving Something Away for Nothing.”

Spend enough time here and you’ll see that we’re a company focused on up-and-coming businesses and helping new businesses grow and prosper.

Gone are the old ways of marketing. The same thing no longer works. There is an infinite sea of headlines, tag lines and companies clawing for your potential customers’ business. That is marketing. This is

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Why Hire Content Marketing Specialists?

A Brief Excerpt. The Full Article Can Be Read Here

Why hire a company like UnEarthed Creative (or any other content management service for that matter)?

That’s a perfectly relevant and understandable question to ask yourself. In fact, we encourage you to ask yourself that question right now.

We also understand that as a business owner, you may be wary of hiring any content marketing / management company. How many company websites, Facebook Pages, and Twitter profiles have you seen that said something alarmingly close to this

“Copywriter (Insert any person or business) with exceptional copywriting, proofreading and creative skills. Consistently produces high-quality print and web-based communications.”

Great creative skills indeed, I’ve seen that 100 times already this afternoon. Marketing and copywriting specialist are all apparently “creative”, “unique” and “ a cut above the rest.” but as I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s all the same!

Why hire a company like that? If you’re content looks the same, feels the same, reads the same, and follows the same format as everyone else’s, how on earth are you ever going to stand out?

We’ve also stumbled upon this gem just the other day:

Tired of getting crap content?” (then went on to a sales pitch).


Well, with a vocabulary and demeanor like that, sure! Here are my hard-earned dollars.

Places like this are throwing words at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Hey, at least they’re talking about us! Any press is good press.”

No, not really. This is not how you go about business and is certainly not what you need in a company.

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Select the package that best suits your needs or tell us what you’d like in a custom package. We will work together and craft a perfect service option tailored to your needs.


After the perfect solution is selected based on your business’s needs, it’s time to get started! We’ll set up a conference call and begin implementing our strategy together


We get to work for you! If you have decided on a monthly package you can think of it as copywrite auto pilot for you. We won’t just get your work in on-time – It will be early.


Some of our free services will allow you to take a look at how your website is testing from an SEO perspective. This gives you real time data on how your site is doing with UnEarthed Creative as your service.


What a burden removed knowing that every month UnEarthed is writing product descriptions, blogs, Press Releases ect. Freeing you up to run your business and saving you money.

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