Some may find it rather unorthodox for a copywriting company to have a blog on their website that is dedicated to teaching people how to copywrite and or giving away tips/tricks. It’s sort of like a beer company posting exactly how to brew their famous beer on it’s website.

However, we enjoy giving away knowledge, we are believers in ‘You get what you give’ and we are not just another boring, cookie cutter, run-of-the-mill copywriting service anyway. It’s all in the tag line right? ‘Marketing Evolved.’

It’s the same reason we give away free services like our SEO Page Audit and our Keyword Research Service to potential customers, even if they don’t purchase our service. We like knowing that a potential customer can browse our site and gain morsels of knowledge along the way- If He or She isn’t ready to buy just yet, that’s OK, hopefully they’ll remember those nice folks offering some great help when it is time. If they don’t by from us at all, that’s OK too, hopefully they’ll be able to put some of our teachings to good use when looking shopping for their marketing services. Wearing their new-found knowledge around them like a shark cage… Unfortunately, they’ll need it.


Our business is not just about selling services, it’s also about community and helping one another as people. Some may read all of our how-to’s and insights and craft their own great copy, others will see how much effort is involved, how much knowledge it takes and see that it truly is a craft, a craft for which they don’t have the time, energy or patience for.

While copywriting IS something every business needs, it is certainly not something everybody can do. A full time copywriter will typically spend 40 hours (or more) per week applying his trade, that’s 2,080 hours a year.  As a business owner, determine how much your time is worth per hour, than multiply that by 2,080 to determine how much it will cost you to learn and practice what a skilled copywriter does in 1 year. That’s a lot of money right?

Do it yourself if you’re so inclined, we are more than happy to help. But if your views coincide with ours, you can’t be the price (ours anyway) of having a terrific service take care of this sort of material for you. Sit back, play a round of golf, or focus up on other aspects of your business – We’ll take care of the content.