Why hire a company like UnEarthed Creative or any other content management Specialist for that matter?

That’s a perfectly relevant and understandable question to ask yourself. In fact, we encourage you to ask yourself that question right now.

We also understand that as a business owner, you may be wary of hiring any company. Honestly, how many companies websites, Facebook Pages, and Twitter profiles have you seen that said something alarmingly close to this

“Copywriter (Substitute in any form of single person or business in for this) with exceptional copywriting, proofreading and creative skills. Consistently produces high-quality print and web-based communications.”

Great creative skills indeed, I’ve seen that 100 times already this afternoon. Marketing and copywriting specialist are all apparently “creative”, “unique” and “ a cut above the rest.” but as I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s all the same!

Why hire a company like that? If you’re content looks the same, feels the same, reads the same, and follows the same format as everyone else’s, how on earth are you ever going to stand out?

We’ve also stumbled upon this gem just the other day:

Tired of getting crap content?” (then went on to a sales pitch).


Well, with a vocabulary and demeanor like that, sure! Here are my hard-earned dollars.

Places like this are throwing words at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Hey, at least they’re talking about us! Any press is good press.”

No, not really. This is not how you go about business and is certainly not what you need in a company.

So, besides unoriginal, unprofessional and often times ridiculous prices – Why hire a company at all?

Well, Do you spend money to get your website built? For many of you the answer to that question is “Yes.” You pay someone who knows their craft and dedicates their time day in and day out perfecting that craft so you don’t have to. Similarly, when you hire a copywriting service you’re getting copy from people who spend their mornings researching keywords, their days writing and their nights and off-hours reading about SEO and optimization. You may be a terrific writer, you may have some special insight into marketing, but hiring a company can relieve a terrific burden off of your shoulders and free up your time to dedicate to your business further.

Now that the bones of the structure have been professionally erected, the meat is added by professional copywriters who live and breathe copy, SEO and analytics. When it comes to how much your time is worth, you’d spend exponentially more spending the time, effort and resources trying to go it alone. As an exercise, determine your annual income, than do the math to estimate what wage you make per hour. In one year a full time copywriter will write, experience and work intimately with all manner of copy and marketing

We’re not going to ask for your marketing budget before quoting you a price like as firms would and you shouldn’t give that information away either if you don’t have to. This opens you up to the possibility of a firm charging you more because they know you can afford it. Don’t let this happen. At UnEarthed Creative, we’re not looking to soak up your marketing funds, our goal is to save you money, extend your money and make you money.

Maybe I should hire a copywriter as a full-time dedicated employee

Perhaps, you should and many do, obviously. There are, however some advantages and disadvantages to this. “We outline it in our post Why Not Hire an Employee” but will touch on it here as well.

Why hire a copywriter at $65,000 a year (on the low end) when you can hire an experienced, dedicated service with corporate responsibility for much less. Not only less, but you don’t need to worry about

  • Sick Days

  • Vacation

  • Insurance

  • 401k’s

  • Human Resources

  • Job abandonment

Imagine all the money you save on top of the $65,000 a year salary by hiring a company.

“You charge much less than hiring a copywriter, how is this possible?”

When you bring a copywriter on board as an employee you are hiring someone whose livelihood & income (generally) depends solely on working for your company. When you hire a company who works full multiple companies, supplying multiple income streams, they can charge far less. Essentially, as we gain, you save.

In the End

In the end, it is completely up to you. The decision is yours and you need to make the best decision for your company. As always, we are here to assist you in anyway possible whether it’s advice, tailoring packages and customizing our services in anyway to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our response times are the best in the business.

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