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Custom Monthly Packages

Create Your Own Inclusive Marketing Strategy

Benefits of the Custom Package

Each Custom Package Comes with the Following Services at Absolutely No Charge to You!

  • Free Consultation Where We Learn Your Businesses’ Needs

  • Free 4 Page Content Audit and Assessment Each Month ($125.00 Value)

  • Free Top 50 Bounce Pages Audit Report Each Month ($50.00 Value)

  • Free Research Report on 5 Keywords of your Choosing per month ($50.00 Value)

  • Free SEO Audit and Report on 4 Web Pages Each Month  ($100.00 Value)

  • A Free End of Month Report

  • For a total of $325.00 in FREE bonuses

Step 1.) Read Though Our Services and See What We Offer


Individual Services

Because Monthly Service Packages aren’t always for every one – For these cases, we are happy to offer individual services. No matter what you need, big or small – we can be of service! We even post our prices online for everyone to see. We don’t hide behind what we offer.

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Monthly Service Packages

We have gathered some of our great services and packaged them up into inclusive content marketing packages for you. There are 3 tier levels to choose from, which allows the best selection to be made for your needs. Take a look here to get some ideas on price and what we have bundled for marketing packages. Remember, the bigger the order the bigger the discounts.

Step 2.) Decide What Services Suit Your Marketing Needs

Now that you know what you’d like in your marketing package, send over an email with what you’d like. You’ll get a quote the same day! Click the drop-down menus below to learn more about the process

Simply copy and paste this into your email and fill out the information. This should give us all we need

Company Name:
Point of Contact’s Name:
Point of Contact’s Phone Number:
Point of Contact’s Email Address:
Company Website:
Is This a New or Existing Company?:
Desired Service Length (3 Month Minimum- 15% Discount on Year):
A Brief Description of Company (Goals, Marketing Strategy Ect.):
Services You’d Like in Your Custom Package:

  • All Packages require a 3 month service agreement

  • There is a 15% Discount for 1 year package orders

  • We stand by all of our work, if there is a issue with something we have done, we are happy to correct it

Step 3.) Once You’ve Emailed Us, You Get a Quote!

Once an agreement has been made, we’ll send you over an agreement form. Once that is signed and payment has been secured, we’re ready to get to work for you

Let’s Get Started