Packaged deals aren’t always for every one – For these cases, we are happy to offer individual services. No matter what you need, big or small – we are happy to be of service! We even post our prices online for everyone to see. We don’t hide behind what we offer. Send us an email and we can get started today!

Email Campaign : We can create engaging email content from your suggestions or create our own. Either way it will be link rich, keyword stocked and ready to be sent off to your email list. Have your email layout and content crafted by folks who have done it hundreds of times before. $125.00

New Webpage Copy : Starting from scratch or building new pages? Sometimes nothing is better than a clean slate to lay terrific copy. No need to be terrorized by the tyranny of the blank page (or screen), let us handle it. Rates can vary based on the amount of copy and number of pages – if you have more than 5 pages that need work, let us know and we’ll cut you a deal! $100.00/Pg.

Optimizing Existing Content : Rather us give your existing content a bit of a tune-up and an SEO tweak? Not a problem, we can optimize your existing copy, keeping as much existing work as possible. You save a bit of money having written some yourself! Again, this may vary based on page and you get an even better deal on 5+ pages! $75.00/Pg.

Keyword Research : Keywords are pertinent to your webpage’s success in Google and for exposure to potential customers. Get the scoop on keywords you can use to maximize success. $10/Keyword

Articles: Be they blogs, research or any sort of articles: You’re covered

Press Releases : Too often are these left to inexperienced folks to complete on the side. We’ve seen the devastating results of poor formatting, mistakes, errors  and more when they go worldwide to thousands of people. Don’t let this happen to you!

Sales Copy : This one we can’t give you an upfront price, too often there are too many variables. We’d like to email, speak on the phone or over Skype to fully understand what you need before quoting a price.

SEO Optimized Product Descriptions :

Product Descriptions (as you know) are critical to sales and converting visitors into customers. These need to be done correctly! Links, keywords, engaging writing, engaging headlines, a sense of urgency and a call to action need to be carefully choreographed to ensure you’re getting every sale possible. Having been content managers for E-Commerce companies, we know exactly how to do this.

We request the option of keeping the product descriptions to 300 words and under, if you have a need for more contact us and we’d be happy to work with you. We also offer discounts based on page quantities, so if you happen to need a great deal of product descriptions, let us know in advance at

Meta Field Populating : These are often overlooked and sometimes forgotten. They are still extremely useful and should be curated. It may feel like a daunting task when you think about all the meta tags AND descriptions you have to add to hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages- Let us handle it, we’ve been there before (multiple times). $10/product for meta keyword and description combo.

SEO Page Audit:

Did you enjoy your 1 free web page audit and are looking to get more? (If you didn’t see our freebie, click here to get it).  We don’t blame you – When you have the opportunity to look at what your website is doing as far as SEO, it really allows you to focus your efforts on areas that need help and applaud yourself for areas of success. Reports like these are crucial to ranking higher and ultimately drawing in more customers.

If you receive these results and are unsure how to remedy them we would be happy to provide advise or show you where to find the answers. While we are not webmasters, we might be able to personally aid you in a few areas as we do all of our own web work.

The best part is – If you happen to have a competitor (or 2, or 3) and you’d like to see how their website SEO stacks up to yours, we can run a simultaneous test for you and let you know! We offer these half price. Gain a competitive advantage! Order today and have your results in as little as one hour

Tests for 0-5 Pages: $25.00/pg

Discounts on additional pages!


Bounce-Page Audit : Let us discover your top 100 bounce-pages and help you craft a solution for them (requires access into Google analytics). $50.00/100 Bounce-pages

*Bounce-Page Audit Corrections : Now that you know what they are, they need to be remedied right? Whether it is bad links, pages that need additional link support or something to hand to your web team – we can take the right steps to get visitors more engaged in your site.

Additional Services

Not only do we offer all that you see on the shopping page, but we even offer more! These are services that may not receive as much interest as the other services we offer. Don’t fear though, we are more than happy to offer any of these services at terrific prices. Email us about any one of these at and receive a response with a quote in less than 1 hour!


  • Topic Research

  • Creative Writing

  • Niche Copywriting

  • Script Writing – Shorts, Explainer, Youtube,

  • Social Media Content

  • Building Social Media Profiles

  • Banner Ad Copy

  • Brochure Copy

  • Marketing Letters

  • Speeches

  • Powerpoint

  • Proof Reading and Editing

  • Audio Transcription

  • Stock Images

  • Video Transcription

  • Resumes