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SEO Page Audit


SEO Page Audit:

  • Receive Your Results In As Little As One Hour!

  • Option to Test Your Competitor’s Webpage At Half Price

  • Have Your Website Tested Based on a HUGE Amount of Criteria

  • Receive Tips and Consultation On How to Improve SEO Rank

  • See Where Your Webpage Needs Help

  • Obtain A Competitive Advantage

Product Description

Did you enjoy your 1 free web page audit and are looking to get more? (If you didn’t see our freebie, click here to get it).  We don’t blame you – When you have the opportunity to look at what your website is doing as far as SEO, it really allows you to focus your efforts on areas that need help and applaud yourself for areas of success. Reports like these are crucial to ranking higher and ultimately drawing in more customers. The following is a list of the information you’ll receive on your report and the criteria we judge it on:

  • A list of Very Important Fixes

  • A list of Moderately Important Fixes

  • Areas That Your Website Passed

  • An Overall Score Out of 100

  • We Check For Proper Page Title

  • We Check For Proper Page Description

  • The Most Common Keywords That Show Up

  • We Check To See If Your Keywords Are Used in the Meta Title/Descripiton

  • Your H1 & H2 Headings

  • Sitemap

  • Robots.txt

  • Favicon

  • Page Objects

  • URL SEO Test

  • Broken Links

  • Code to Text

  • Underscored Links

  • Ensure The Proper Installation of Google Analytics

  • Inline CSS

  • Image Alt

  • Media Print

  • Google Preview

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Deprecated HTML Tags

  • HTML Page Size

  • Page Cache

  • Flash

  • Minification

  • Site Speed

  • Social Media

  • And More!

If you receive these results and are unsure how to remedy them we would be happy to provide advise or show you where to find the answers. While we are not webmasters, we might be able to personally aid you in a few areas as we do all of our own web work.

The best part is – If you happen to have a competitor (or 2, or 3) and you’d like to see how their website SEO stacks up to yours, we can run a simultaneous test for you and let you know! We offer these half price. Gain a competitive advantage! Order today and have your results in as little as one hour

Tests for 0-5 Pages: $25.00/pg

Discounts on additional pages!

SEO Page Audit

$2500Per Page
  • Receive Results In As Little As 1 Hour
  • Test Your Competitor’s Web Page At Small Additional Cost
  • Have Your Website Tested Based On A Huge Amount of Criteria
  • Receive Tips and Consultation On How To Improve Your Page’s SEO
  • Identify Where Your Page Needs Work
  • Gain A Competitive Advantage


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