Superior Monthly Package

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Superior Monthly Package


Superior Package Highlights:

  •  7 Creative and Engaging Blog Posts/Articles up to 1,000 Words

  • 3 – 500 Word Quality Press Releases

  • Daily Facebook Post (Mon-Fri)

  • Daily Twitter Post (Mon-Fri)

  • Daily Post of an Additional Social Media Account (Your Choice)

  • Free 4 Page Content Audit & Assessment

  • Free Top 50 Bounce Page Audit Report

  • Free Research on 5 Keywords

  • Free SEO Audit on 4 Web Pages Each Month

Product Description

The Superior Package:

The Superior Package is our mid-range level package offering a greater number of blog posts and press releases as well as a greater number of free services compared to the Superb Package. All of our packages are designed to

  • Draw in Visitors

  • Engage Visitors

  • Make You Money

Compelling web copy, magnetic headlines and delivering your message and personal brand with clarity and efficiency is what we’re all about. Each of these services in this package have been selected for 2 main reasons – They are proven to work and we’re good at them. If you’ve been browsing other copy management companies, you may have noticed they’re all the same- sure some may be good, but if they look like all the other ‘good’ ones that what stands out to potential customers? The online marketplace has created a business environment focused on the consumers needs, which means exceptional web copy to go alongside your exceptional product or service. Don’t fall behind and don’t get lost in the crowd. Luckily we’re here to help. There is a 10% discount on 6 month subscriptions. With a 12 month subscriptions you receive a 15% discount as well as a 15% discount on any services you’d like added throughout the entire year!

You get the following terrific benefits:


  • 7 Blog Posts/Articles up to 1,000 Words
  • 3- 500 Word Press Releases
  • Daily Facebook Post (Mon-Fri)
  • Daily Twitter Post (Mon-Fri)
  • Daily Post of Additional Social Media Account (Your Choice)


All Service Packages Come With

  • Free Consultation: To Learn Your Businesses’ Needs
  • Free Bounce Page Testing
  • A Free SEO Report
  • A Free End of Month Report

Package Requirements

  • Minimum 3 Month Service Agreement
  • Upfront Payment
  • For Total Payment – Add 3 To Cart

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